Tyre Protection Sealant

    We Botco have been appointed by M/S. TYRE PROTECTOR(INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED as thier distributor for sale of High Speed Sealant which is used in tyres as protector from punctures.

   The principal, Tyre Protector International Ltd, UK manufactures a world class industrial grade and high speed sealant for use in OTR Tires, Mining & Construction Sector Machines, Motor cycle & Car. The brand Tyre Protector is now present in more than 40 countries now and is successfully reducing the downtime costs and tyre maintenance costs that occur due to under-inflation of tires/flats, while at the project site.

   In today's competitive world Mining and Construction Equipment Owners are having a cut throat competition and pressure on maintaining the bottom lines, esp after tremendous surge in tyre prices, diesel prices, toll taxes, insurance premium and what not. Our world class gel ensures that onfield work transportation is never held up due to punctures, as such downtime costs is reduced to the minimum. Our product increases tire life by 15% and is recognized by various companies around the world. The other benefits are as follows.

  We take this opportunity to present the same technology to your esteemed organization and this will definitely serve as a high value addition in your services apart from your unmatched quality vehicles.

  We have many of our customers facing the problems of downtime due to punctures are now happy with our product as it has reduced the downtime of vehicle due to arresting the punctures immediately by the sealant.